Solopol Hand Cleaner

Solopol Hand CleanerSolopol is a completely solvent-free hand cleaner which contains non-aggressive natural scrubbers. It has a very good skin compatibility and excellent cleaning power in cases of common industrial dirt (grease, oil, mineral oil, lubricating oil, graphite and metal dust) that often cannot be removed at all by products containing no scrubbers.

The natural scrubber in solopol is made from Walnut shell powder that provides strong cleansing power without harming your skin or the environment. We recomend this soap for individuals who have sensitive skin but require a tough hand cleaner. Most of our competitors use plastic as their hand cleaning pumice (scrubbing particles ). The Walnut Shell powder is tougher on dirt but softer on your hands.

Solopol 83187As low as: $17.99 each
Solopol 83134As low as: $17.99 each
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Sparker F8455<br>300 Lumens
Sparker F8455
300 Lumens


LED Lenser X21R.2 <br>3000 Lumens
LED Lenser X21R.2
3000 Lumens

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LED Lenser M7R<br>400 Lumens
LED Lenser M7R
400 Lumens


LED Lenser P5R.2<br>270 Lumens
LED Lenser P5R.2
270 Lumens


Jumbo 6700
Jumbo 6700


Type 1000
Type 1000


Type 2000
Type 2000


Type 3000
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H14.2R Headlamp <br>850 Lumen
H14.2R Headlamp
850 Lumen


75 GSTM <br>Carpenter's Hammer
Carpenter's Hammer

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71 GSTM<br>Claw Hammer
Claw Hammer

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12 lb Sledge Hammer
12 lb Sledge Hammer


20 lb Sledge Hammer
20 lb Sledge Hammer