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Stoko Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Kresto Classic (250ml Tube)
Stoko Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Item Number: KCL250ML
$5.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Deb Stoko Kresto Classic Hand Cleaner is now available in a 250ml squeeze tube. Equipped with Kresto's refined walnut shell powder and cosmetic-grade solvent to remove the toughest industrial grease and dirt, this heavy duty hand soap offers powerful cleansing action and is free from toxicologically questionable ingredients, such as halogenated or aromatic hydrocarbons. Dermatologically tested, Kresto Classic effectively removes waste, mineral and lubrication oils as well as graphite, metallic dust and carbon black while reducing the occurrence of skin irritations. A non-soapy renewable raw material that is easily rinsed away and will not clog drains or pipes. Kind to the environment and kind to you!

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