Traffic Management & Sign Hanging

Band-It carries the products to hang safety signs, traffic signs, directional signs, banners and other media quickly and permanently.

band-it Band-It Heavy Duty Hand Tool C00369 Band-It Stainless Steel Banding Band-It Color-It Stainless Steel banding Ear-Lokt Buckles Band-It Sign Mounting Brack-its Band-It Screw Seal Clamps

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The Band-It Index company has a wide variety of products to fit your traffic management and sign hanging needs. Stainless Steel Banding along with Band-It's hand tools make sign hanging very simple. These products cut your labor in half, allowing you to increase production. Band-It's Stainless Steel Banding and Sign Brack-its are manufactured with the highest quality Steel. Stainless steel helps protect against corrosion and oxidation for longevity. We even have the Color-It Stainless Steel banding if you need a color match.