BAND-IT Stainless Steel Strapping

BAND-IT Band 201 Stainless Steel offers good resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents while maintaining the high strength and quality appearance that you have come to expect from BAND-IT products. Utilized in general use banding applications, BAND-IT 201 can be used with clip style buckles to create band clamps. For superior corrosion resistance in marine atmospheres, mild chemicals and fresh water, customers turn to the 316 Stainless Steel Band, coated and uncoated. The 316 Stainless Steel comes with an Easy Scale patented imprint on the band to quickly and accurately determine band length while eliminating waste. Used with the C45399 BAND-IT Ear-Lokt Buckles, BAND-IT 316 is easily installed with a range of tools including the Heavy Duty Banding Tool, the Bantam Tool, the Bantam Strapping Tool and the Ratchet Tool. While all BAND-IT Bands are available in both cardboard and portable tote packaging, BAND-IT totes offer several advantages. Extremely durable, BAND-IT Totes hold up well in rain, heat and cold and eliminate the risk of running out of band at the job site since you can see how much band is remaining before you ever leave. In addition, BAND-IT Totes makes it easy to pull band as well as return the extra. Best of all, they are color coated for specific band widths making identification effortless and easy!