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Never-Seez - Questions and Answers

What is Never-Seez?

Never-Seez is a family of anti-seize and lubricating compounds that includes 11 different product formulations, each compounded to solve specific industrial problems associated with metal wear, corrosion and seizure.

Each Never-Seez compound has its base a hydrocarbon grease carrier that provides lubrication and some heat resistance for metal parts. Lubricant particles add to the base grease extend the lubricity of the compound, particularly after torque-down and exposure to heat. The real character of the formulation is determined by the addition of fine particles, often metal, that give the compound it's anti-seizing properties and make it suitable for specific operating environments. These fine particles actually create a space between closely fitting metal parts, and in doing so, prevent fusion and galling that leads to metal seizure.

The combination of hydrocarbon grease base, additional lubricants, and fine fillers in each Never-Seez Product protects against oxidation and rust, keeps parts moving smoothly and allows for easy assembly and corrosion-free disassembly.

Has the Never-Seez formula changed over the years?

NO. The formulas are the same but improvements have been made in the manufacturing processes and raw materials. You may have noticed the changes. Never-Seez is more consistent batch to batch thanks to electronic instrmentation in manufacturing that closely controls the mixing process. Also, we upgraded our base grease to allow consistently lower particle size and consistant grease penetration. And to ensure that quality standards are met batch to batch, we now test batches much more frequently.

How does Never-Seez differ from conventional anti-seize technology?

Consistency of our manufacturing processes is a major difference. Unlike competitve brands, the Never-Seez blending process has been engineered to strictly control the timing of the addition of each raw material.

What's more, Never Seez products are manufactured in 55 gallon drums rather than larger mixing containers. The result is a consistent product of optimum quality batch-to-batch.

Has Bostik reduced the solids content of Never-Seez?

No. Again the formula is the same. However, the testing method has been changed to reflect the contents more accurately. Previous test methoods reported the grease solids (the thickening soap) as part of the total 48.2% solids content. Today we report solids content at 42.2%, without the 6% grease solids.

I've noticed a small amount of oil seperation at the top of the Never Seez grease. Does this indicate a problem?

No. Seperation is actually a normal and desirable function of an anti-seize compound. Grease lubricates by the oil seperating from the grease and lubricating before being reabsorbed. This constant process of some oil seperation, lubrication and reabsorption is the sign of a well formulated product.

However, if an anti sieze compound does demonstrate significant oil seperation it is probably a lower performance mineral oil based product. Mineral oil products are subject to water wash out and displacement and consequently are less effective then Never-Seez products in protecting against rust and corrosion.

Why were the temperature limits for Regular Grade Never-Seez lowered to 1800 F?

At temperatures about 1800 F the copper in Regular Grade Never-Seez vaporizes. These fumes are toxic, so special warning labels are specified by OSHA.

To avoid special labeling and to reduce the risk of exposure to users (although exposure at such elevated temperatures is extremely unlikely) we decided to simply reduce the recommended temperature exposure to a safer level. The same holds true for temperature limits on Nickel Special Never Seez that were lowered from 2600 F to 2400 F.