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Question: Why should I buy Kresto Skin Care products?

Answer: Stockhausen, Inc. has been a world leader in skin care since 1935, when we developed the first synthetic detergent, which is much more skin compatible than regular soap. Kresto and Solopol and are designed to help protect, clean and moisturize leaving the skin in good condition, even at the end of a hard working day.

Question: Do any of your hand cleaners remove grease?

Answer: Yes, we have several heavy-duty cleaners that are excellent against grease and oil. Try our #1 seller Kresto 87045 where a strong hand cleaner is needed.

Question: Do any of your hand cleaners contain pumice?

Answer: The scrubber that is contained in all STOKOᆴ Skin Care products that contain scrubber, is purified, all-natural powdered walnut shell.

Question: How is a walnut shell scrubber better than other scrubbers?

Answer: Walnut shell scrubbers provide strong cleansing power without harming your skin or the environment. Walnut shell scrubbers are not harsh on the skin like pumice, plastic, sand, or wood flour. Our walnut shell scrubbers are bleached to ensure quality and cleanliness and are 100% biodegradable. Some other scrubbers like pumice or plastic can cause plumbing problems because they are not biodegradable but walnut shell powder will not clog sinks and drains.

Question:Do Stoko Skin Care products Contain Solvent?

Answer: Solopol Hand Cleaners are 100% Solvent Free.

Question: What Stoko product removes paint from hands?

Answer: Cupran Special is designed to effectively remove oil-based paints, lacquers, stains, adhesives, tar and asphalt

Contains ASTOPONᆴ, all-natural, biodegradeable walnut shell scrubbers.

A water-soluble cleaner that is the ideal replacement for the use of thinners and other technical solvents.

Question: Do you have any waterless hand cleaners?

Answer: Kresto Kreme Waterless hand cleaner removes difficult soils such as grease, carbon, paints and tar, with the wipe of a towel

Non-greasy feel and pleasant fragrance

Mild solvent guarantees great cleaning performance while remaining gentle to the skin

Also works great with water

Hand Cleaner Buyer's Guide