Fleet Maintenance

Band-It products can be used in fleet maintenance and aftermarket applications. Products are available for heatshild repair, exhaust shields, CV boot clamping, dust boots, abrasion shielding, shock boots, steering systems, hoses, tire pressure monitoring systems, small item mounting and more.

band-it Band-It Thrift Tool J07599 band-It Bantam Tool C07569 Band-It Band-Fast Clamps Band-It Stainless Steel Banding Band-It Tie-Lok Ties Band-It Ties

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J07599 Thrift Tool is a small inexpensive functional tool for 1/4" or 3/8" wide band, BAND-FAST and BAND-IT Jr. Preformed Clamps. Use with a 1/2" wrench to tension. Does not contain a built in cutter.

C07569 Bantam Tool is used to apply BAND-IT Band, BAND-FAST, general use band and miscellaneous strapping.

Band-Fast Clamps are ready to use bands, pre-cut and pre-assembled with a clip, buckle or seal. Pre-cut and assembled with a buckle, seal or clip.

Band-it Bands are 201 stainless steel, bright annealed finish sets the standard with a combination of high strength and quality appearance. Common uses are municipal strapping and construction applications.

Tie-Lok Ties provide a fast, consistent and reliable clamp. A very low profile clamp with a patented dimple lock.

Band-It Ties made from high strength, corrosion resistant Steel. Available in the AA series constructed of 200/300 Stainless Steel with Nylon 11 coating.