Disaster Recovery
Water Removal

Band-It has a wide variety of hose clamping products for fast effetive water removal. Attaching hoses in a fast effective manor makes removing water in a emergency situation possible.

Band-It Water Removal Band-It UL4000-B ultra-lok tool Ultra-Lok Preformed stainless steel hose clamps Band-It C00269 Jr. Hand Tool Band-It jr. Smooth ID stainless steel hose clamps T30069 Center Puch Tool Center Punch preformed stainless steel hose clamps

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Water recovery calls for speed and precision before more damage is done. Band-It clamps have a wide variety of disaster recovery products which will help facilitate water removal and clean up. Stainless Steel Preformed clamps are the fastest and most efficient hose clamps for time and precision. We have made this water removal product guide to help you choose the proper band-it product for your water removal needs.