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1/2" Stainless Steel Spring Clamps
(Box of 10)

Ideal Triden SmartSeal (Size 20)
1/2" Stainless Steel Spring Clamps
(Box of 10)

Item Number: 37215-0020-051
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Ideal Tridon SmartSeal Spring Clamps provide spring compensation over 360 degrees eliminating leak paths at housing juncture. Proven to outperform its competitors in thermal cycling, the SmartSeal Smartliner's unique expansion and contraction creates a steady 360 degree seal in response to changing temperatures and works well with non-uniform hoses. Designed to meet today's challenging lighter weight and space requirements, their compact design and lower profile makes them an excellent choice for a variety of appliations including trucks, trailors, radiators, solar panels, pipe fluid connectors, soft hose applications, generators, home appliances, vehicle HVAC, and more!

Material Specifications:
Size: 20
Min: 1-1/8"
Max: 1-9/16"
Screw: 5/16″ Hex Head; 300 Stainless
Housing: 300 Stainless
Band:1/2″, 300 Stainless
1/2″ Spring Liner: 300 Stainless
Installation Torque: 48 in-lbs (5.4 Nm)

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