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Reduran Special

REDURANŽ SPECIAL is a slightly alkaline, solvent-free and preservative-free special hand cleanser for removing contamination caused by dyestuffs.

Reduran is for removing dyestuffs which are reducible within the alkaline range, such as toner, aniline dyes, azo dyes, printing and copying inks, fruit and vegetable colourants.

Reduran Features:

Cleansing system based on natural oil (INCI name: RICINUS COMMUNIS) and surfactants. Outstanding cleansing power where dyestuff contamination is difficult to remove.

Contains reducing agent. Reducible dyestuffs are converted into their uncoloured form and can then be washed off the skin.

Contains patented scrubbing agent, ASTOPONŽ (refined walnut shell powder). Enhances the efficacy of the cleansing system as it removes heavy-duty contamination, is easily flushed away, exhibits no tendency to swell and, consequently, does not block drains. Reduran is biodegradable and poses no threats to waste-water treatment or waste-water sludge and is compatible with even the most sensitive skin types.