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Skin Protective Cream
Eco Friendly!! (250 ml)

Greven Ligana Multi Tec
Skin Protective Cream
Eco Friendly!! (250 ml)

Item Number: 13042027
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Greven Ligana Multi-tec is a pre-work, skin barrier cream developed for use in industrial settings or machine shops where switching from water-based to oil-based substances is part of the job. Apply to hands before work to easily remove grease, dirt, ink, paint, or other hazardous materials. Ligana Multi Tec is silicone free and works to support the natural regeneration of skin. Economical and perfect for use under gloves or other types of protective clothing, Multi-tec barrier lotion is recommended for cardboard and chemical workers, machine shops, dirty manufacturing, and maintenance areas. Biodegradable and certified with fully sustainable ingredients, this eco friendly solution helps protect and strengthen the outer layer of skin at a price that is affordable to you.

*For daily use on hands, face, arms, or other exposed areas.

Greven Ligana Multi Tec SDS

Greven Ligana Multi Tec TDS