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Wood Splitting Axe
OX 635 H-3009

Ochsenkopf Big Ox Pro-Wood
Wood Splitting Axe
OX 635 H-3009

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The Ochsenkopf Big Ox 635 H is a professional wood splitting hammer engineered with a high-quality hickory handle and blade protection. The forged hammer head features a turning nose and extra large striking face ideal for driving wedges, as well as a protective handle sleeve. Equipped with a rounded handle for additional comfort, the Big Ox Wood Splitting Hammer features patented handle join, ROTBAND-PLUS that includes a fixing plate and wood screw to bond the head and handle into a single unit for maximum work safety, even if the axe slips.

Product Specifications:
Total Weight: 9.3 lbs.
Axe Head Weight: 6.6 lbs.
Length of Handle: 35.4 inches
Width of Blade Tip: 2.8 inches