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Stoko Heavy Duty Hand Soap
(2000ml Hard Bottle)

Kresto Classic 87044
Stoko Heavy Duty Hand Soap
(2000ml Hard Bottle)

Item Number: 87044
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Kresto Classic 87044, high performance hand cleaner, is designed to quickly and effectively remove extra heavy-duty industrial substances from your skin. This biodegradable cleanser is composed of Astopon, a natural scrubbing agent, that is ideal for removing stubborn and deeply ingrained oil-based contaminants without harming the environment. Kresto 87044 is a solvent-based, soap-free formula that helps preserve the skin's natural acidic protective mantle and enhances the skin compatibility of surfactants to minimize the risk of skin irritation.

For those customers looking to purchase Kresto 87044 for the first time, please be advised that the dispenser for this bottle has been discontinued. Please refer to the information below for replacement options (same great product with a new bottle and dispenser)!

Kresto Classic SDS

Kresto Classic TDS

* Please note that the Kresto Classic 2-liter will eventually be taking the place of the Kresto 87044. The Kresto Classic 2-liter offers the same sized product, at the same great price, but is only compatible with the Heavy Duty 2L Dispenser. Although the time frame for this transition is unknown at this time, we are providing the updated product links for your future purchases and convenience:
Heavy Duty 2L Dispenser.
Kresto Classic 2 Liter.

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