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Copper Anti-Seize Compound

Gasoila Thred Gard (1/2 lb)
Copper Anti-Seize Compound

Item Number: CG08
$10.49Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
1 - 5 Cans$10.49 ea.
6 + Cans$9.99 ea.
Gasoila Thred Gard Copper Based Anti-Seize Compound provides a shield against metal-to-metal contact, preventing seizure and corrosion. A copper and graphite fortified high heat grease, Thred Gard is water resistant and will not squeeze out of the threads, gum up, or wash off. It fills irregularities and imperfections and resists cold welding, hardening or setting. Excellent for use on all nuts and bolts, bushings, centers, cams, rollers, conveyors, couplings, dies, drills, taps, fittings, flanges, keyways, press fits, pumps, shafts, spark plugs, gears and motors, Thred Gard provides low friction and cushions impact and shock loads.

Temperature Range: -65F (-54C) to 1800F (982C)

Conforms to MIL-PRF-907E

8 oz. Brush Top Can

Thred Gard Copper Anti-Seize SDS

Technical Data Sheet

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